Bring and carry (driver service)

Provided the client requests so, special driver service is also provided: in other words, it will not be you, but the driver of Mercarius will bring the car to the service centre for seasonal tyre change or inspections.

  • This service can be used without the specification of any annual limit (of course, only when you use it on a customary basis).
  • If you request so, this service can also be provided round-the-clock in twenty four hours.


Our client is a busy businessman/woman, departing to a business trip in Italy on the first weekend of March. Since the temperature is permanently above 7 centigrade, it is time for the replacement of the winter tyres. However, the client is too busy to make sure the tyres are changed while she or he is getting prepared to the meeting. Thus, an arrangement is made with our Customer service that he or she will drive the car to the airport, where our chauffeur will take the vehicle over. While the client is abroad on the business trip, the tyres are replaced and additionally the Spring inspection is also organised in our service workshop. As the client arrives to the airport, he or she will be able to get back home using the freshly serviced vehicle equipped with the new summer tyres.