Fleet monitoring management

It is important to you to monitor cars within your fleet continuously or even real time, we are able to provide you with the solution!

  • Selected vehicles in the fleet – which might be the car fleer as a whole, vehicles specified per cost centre, etc. – can be traced through the internet in real time, in any part of the day.
  • Electronic way-bills, consumption norms can be controlled and a number of other supplementary functions are there to choose from.
  • Even more complicated telematics systems can be installed in the cars as the case may be.
  • Our service includes not only the setup of the system, operation and maintenance, but also the operation of a 24 hours helpdesk.


Thirty cars of a fleet consisting of 50 vehicles are used by employees to make longer country trips on a regular basis. In the case of five of the 30 vehicles petrol consumption is out of the specifications, approximately+30% higher than expected, therefore the fleet monitoring service is implemented in the 30 vehicles concerned within a week or two. From this point on, you can see real time just as well each of the cars exactly at their current position, when and which car made unnecessary trips, which of the cars is used in off business hours, and which of the cars uses unreasonably much fuel, eventually due to some technical failure. According to the experiences gained so far, following the installation of the telematics systems the consumption of the company cars drops as much as by 20-30% in average.