Replacement car service

In the event any of the cars in the fleet need repair, you are guaranteed a replacement car for the period in accordance with the service agreement from our own stock.

  • During servicing, beside the precise, all inclusive repair work our goal is to get ready within as short a period as possible, so that our client could sit back into his or her own customary car as soon as possible.
  • Reasonable efforts are made, however, not to exceed one or two days with the repair works.
  • In accordance with the service agreement, provided the car is used for and in a manner as required by its intended purpose, our service includes the provision of a replacement car in all cases of revision, extraordinary breakdown and replacement of the tyres.
  • All this for the ENTIRE period of the repair – without setting any annual limits.
  • Upon contracting or at the time of any contract amendment our clients are free to decide which car segment they need as a change when they take advantage of the service.
  • Other service providers are not necessarily interested in returning the car quickly, since they provide the replacement cars for only a limited period – typically for a period of 24-48 hours – free of charge and subsequently the costs of the replacement car are charged onto the client thereafter.
    In our case – beside committed to Customer satisfaction as one of our core values – it is also our business interest to get your car ready for the road again as soon as possible.


A car in your fleet breaks down. You call our representative and we transport your car to our closest service workshop. The problem is diagnosed and it turns out that the repair work will take approximately a week, because a special replacement part must be ordered first. However, the driver of the car absolutely needs his or her car in order to be able to carry out his or her work, therefore Mercarius will provide a replacement car for the driver for this week – and any additional time if needed, without restrictions – instantly and without additional costs, in line with the arrangements requested at the time the agreement was signed. As soon as the repair of the car is ready, our representative will contact you and we return the car to your workplace if needed.