Resident fleet administrator

As an extra service, our client are offered a dedicated staff member of ours assigned specifically to carry out all tasks related to the vehicles within the fleet.

  • You do not have to do anything else but to ensure the office infrastructure, and with the help of the programme purpose built by Mercarius Fleet Manager our colleague will manage matters related to the cars within your fleet easily and instantly.
  • As a result of this, you do not need to assign anybody in-house, and you can be reassured that the issues related to the fleet will be handled by an expert who knows all details and tricks of fleet management.


Our client has a fleet consisting of 500 cars the management of which requires several hours of work on a daily basis. Due to the ban on new recruits at the company, management would only be able to assign extra fleet management tasks to current staff. Therefore, management instead orders the fleet management service from Mercarius Fleet Manager, and the delegated representative will handle all tasks emerging in relation to the fleet at the predefined and prearranged days and times, spending an amount of time, for instance two days a week at your company or site as defined in the contract.