Tyre service

We at Mercarius think it is a priority to offer premium category services to our clients, and to ensure the highest possible safety level to them in all situations. This is why it is all too natural that we offer the highest standards with respect to tyres, too.

  • Tyres are changed and their quality checked twice a year (on the occasion of the replacement of winter and summer tyres, respectively).
  • Special care is given to the appropriate quality tyres so that drivers could rely on proper adherence in all traffic situations on the road.
  • Mounted tyres must meet not only the required profile depth but they shall comply with the season and the model of the vehicles they are mounted on. We pay attention to all this.
  • Cars are handed over only with premium category rubber tyres.
  • Since the whole supply chain is controlled by us, we are in the position to monitor the condition of the tyres and can make sure they are replaced in due time, this way avoiding accidents caused by inappropriate adherence.


In the case of a car fleet consisting of 100 units this means 200 replacement jobs of rubber tyres annually. Such operations are typically scheduled for October and March and beside changing the tyres a service inspection is carried out just as well, which is naturally included in the monthly rental fee. Time slots available for replacement are indicated to the clients by the telephone or electronically and they are free to choose the time most convenient for them. In the event the service agreement includes so, we even pick up the car at your workplace and return it within a day.